SMS Gateway

Carrier grade sw for network operators and service providers

Designed and developped to manage, control, direct, consolidate, charge and monitor SMS traffic towards & from SMS Servers & SMSCs.
Enables users and applications to send and receive SMS through various access channels like (WEB UI + SOAP XML, REST, HTTP/XML and SMPP APIs).
Fast and efficient bothway SMS transfer (more than 2000 SM/sec on an entry level server).
System monitoring, alarm management, logging, advanced rating and charging, traffic throttling, statistics and reporting capabilities.
WEB Based GUI enables online monitoring and control of SMS traffic for both users and system administrators along with sending bulk SMS using text/excel files or phonebook records/groups as input.
Advanced charging capabilities such as tariff determination/rating, options of charging «all successfuly sent» OR «only delivered» SMSs, prepaid/postpaid/hybrid accounts support and multiple accounts (such as primary, bonus) support.
Configurable and intelligent SMS routing allowing the service provider to apply different SMS delivery scenarios towards SMS Servers/SMSCs.
Collect/receive incoming short messages towards service providers, sort them according to service numbers + short message parameters and deliver them to service owners.
Various SMS services (voting, query, lottery, sms to email etc) can be defined on the platform for own services, third parties and customers. Real time service results can be displayed/monitored from the WEB UI.
Enhanced, web based SMS Server/SMSC connections management.
Black and white lists for filtering MSISDNs.
Advanced user and user role management allowing flexible access rights.
Reseller/SMS aggregator accounts who can manage their own customers.
Can be deployed on dedicated or virtual servers with any OS (Linux, Unix, Windows) and Database (MySQL,Oracle etc.).
Cost efficient licensing offers with various options (buying, leasing, revenue sharing).

Following figure illustrates the interfaces Adenon SMS Gateway:
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