EIR Product Suite

3GPP Standards Compliant EIR solution for Mobile Network Operators

EIR (Equipment Identity Register) is a network node which is used for blocking illegal, blacklisted and cloned IMEI's in operator networks. Depending on the status of terminal IMEI (white, black, gray), platform returns the appropriate answer to the mobile network prior to the network activities. Adenon EIR Product Suite is comprimised of following modules which forms an E2E solution:

EIR-Core : provides IMEI control in mobile networks by communicating with MSC/MSS ve SGSNs using standard network protocols. It decides whether or not subscriber operations should be allowed depending on IMEI number and IMSI/MSISDN. Supports MAP v2 and V3 protocols for network connections over Sigtran interface.
EIR-ICT : handles the IMEI list synchronisation between Regulatory Body (CEIR) & OpCo. (via I-Periodic full list updates via SFTP file transfer; II-Individual updates via «Web Service» operations). Addititioanly it manages other ICT communication needs via WEB service API.
DAR Manager : parses, filters and reformats CDR files according to "Regulatory Body" requirements, and then securely transfers these reformatted device activity records (voice, SMS, MMS, Data) to CEIR via SFTP.
EIR-MON : monitors the EIR modules, display traffic and healt of each module, statistics, usage details etc. Additionaly it is used to query IMEI, IMSI and MSISDN over WEB UI. It also provides terminal counter details from TAC DB.

Why Adenon EIR Solution ?

Reliable and robust software and network architecture.
High performance (up to 8000 tr/sec on entry/mid level servers).
Compliant to Industry Standards and tested with major network vendors.
Configurable IMEI check rules.
Fully configurable ICT operations.
Flexible interfaces allowing easy customisation (triggers notifications, event and alarms).
Fully redundant sw modules and high availale (HA) architecture.
Easy operation via advanced web UI, Web Service APIs (for IMEI & IMSI & MSISDN queries) and CLUI interface.
Advance alarm management (SMS, email, SNMP notifications) and comprehensive application logs allowing easy maintenance.
Enhanced, web based SMS Server/SMSC connections management.
Secure interfaces for EIR modules and CEIR.
E2E Solution for all regulatory requirements.
Command line interface (CLUI) for IMEI, IMSI and MSISDN checks plus alarms and statistical counters.
Can be deployed on dedicated or virtual servers with any OS (Linux, Unix, Windows) and Database (Mongo DB, MySQL, Oracle etc.).
Cost efficient licensing offers with various options (buying or leasing).

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